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Mac And Cool

About Us

Tudy’s, Inc. is a privately owned company located in Tempe, Arizona. It started with the invention of the Mac & Cool quick cooling dish in 2002 and introduced Potty Mitts in 2005. Tudy’s is proud to offer quality products to discerning customers.

About the Inventor

I’m a busy mom with three children and find myself constantly searching for ways to simplify my life. Both Potty Mitts and the Mac & Cool quick cooling dish came about from personal experiences I had with my own children.


Like any mom, I constantly tried to keep my kids from touching anything in a public restroom. This was impossible! It seems that in a split second, they would touch the wall or pick something up from the floor to “clean up” or wrap their hands around the toilet seat to balance once they were positioned on the seat. It seemed clear that I needed to come up with something that thoroughly protected them no matter what they touched. Potty Mitts was the answer. I think you’ll agree!

The Mac & Cool quick cooling dish was conceived after the seemingly endless amount of time spent daily blowing on the food I prepared for my kids. First it was oatmeal in the morning, heated spaghetti at lunch and macaroni and cheese for supper! If your kids are anything like mine, when they smell food, they want to eat it NOW! With the Mac & Cool quick cooling dish, I can cool their hot food quickly AND get other things taken care of in the kitchen. I think you’ll like its convenience and your kids will love the quick results.


The Snack-Trap and Drink Deputy are also mom-invented products. I feel these products are also extraordinary gadgets and wanted to provide them to you as well! Enjoy!