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Q: Do Potty Mitts resist liquids?
A: Yes! You can test this by dropping a drip of water onto the outside of the mitt. The water will bead up! If kids put their hand onto a liquid “puddle” on the toilet seat, the mitt will keep it from soaking through.

Q: Are Potty Mitts flushable?
A: Potty Mitts are not flushable. Kids continue to touch things as they exit the bathroom stall. Keep the Potty Mitts on your child until they have finished opening the stall door and have made their way to the sink to wash their hands.

Q: Do my kids still need to wash their hands?
A: Yes! Whatever they touched prior to entering the bathroom and putting the Potty Mitts on still needs to be washed off! Also, Potty Mitts provide general protection and can not guarantee to stop all germs that might exist in a restroom.

Q: Should Potty Mitts be used for wiping my child’s bottom?
A: No. Potty Mitts are intended for protecting your child’s hands from the things they touch in the bathroom, such as the walls, floors, toilet seat and flusher.

Q: Is the cracking sound I hear when hot food is placed in my dish something to worry about?
A: Not a problem! The cracking sound is just the ice in the reservoir doing its best to cool your food. Do not be alarmed. The dish is designed to absorb this rush of heat from the food without any harm to the dish.

Q: Can I use the dish for two servings in a row?
A: The dish is designed to cool one serving VERY quickly. A second serving will take longer to cool because the ice inside will be mostly melted.

Q: I thought my dish would cool more quickly. Is there something I can do to speed it up?
A: The food will cool more quickly if the food is spread out in the dish so that more of the food is in contact with the ice inside.  Also, the dish is designed to cool one child's portion at a time.  Try cooling smaller portions, or be sure the dish has enough (1 Cup) water in the reservoir.

Q: Should I remove the cap for dishwashing?
A: It is best to remove the cap and the water in the reservoir for dishwashing.

Q: How can I order without using a credit card?
A: We are happy to accept checks and money orders payable to: Tudy’s
You can use the ORDERS page online to determine your total and send that amount to:. Tudy’s

Mail To:
Tudy’s, Inc.
7650 S. McClintock Dr. #103-220
Tempe, AZ 85284

Please include the number of each product you’d like, your shipping address, and telephone number in case we need to contact you regarding your order.